About Us

We here at Sculptique do everything we can to make your experience as comfortable as it it rewarding.  We're honored that you've chosen to partner with us on your journey to a more beautiful you.  Don't be shy.  Ask us anything that's on your mind.

Doctor Jennings loves having the opportunity to help people on a daily basis and enjoys watching patients transform their outward appearance and and see how that impacts their individual self confidence. 

Photo of Lynne Soma

Lynne Soma

Lynne is our PA and has worked in medicine for 16 years.  She work with patients prepping them before seeing Dr. Jennings.  She's active in the community and is an avid tennis player.

Photo of Claudia Portillo

Claudia Portillo

Claudia is our office administrator.  She's often the one you'll speak to when setting appointments or to greet you with a smile when you come into our office.  Claudia trains service dogs when away from work.