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Sculptique Cosmetic

Cellulite Reduction & Refinement

More than 90 percent of American women are affected by cellulite.  This medical condition has been one of the most difficult to treat and viewed by most women to impact their self-image and self-esteem.   Sculptique Cosmetic has been a safe and successful cellulite treatment among European and South American physician practitioners for many years.  More recently, it is being acclaimed in American media as the cellulite cure.

Cellulite knows no boundary of female physique type, afflicting both the slender and overweight, the athletic and sedentary.   It is not caused by being overweight.  Cellulite forms when defective connective tissue bands retract the skin and become stretched by enlarged bulging fat cells.  This structural disruption creates collagen micro-scars (sclerosis) at inflexible shortened lengths. Cellular water is retained, lymphatic flow restricted, and fat cells expand and stretch.  Eventually, this results in the lumpy 'cottage-cheese' dimpled appearance.  Causative factors include poor redundant circulation, inherently defective connective tissue, and enlarged adipose fat cells.  Contributing factors may include the weight-gain of pregnancy and the challenges of consistent healthy nutrition and diet habits.  The medical term for Cellulite is Dermatomyoliposclerosis (DMLS), which captions the above process.

How It Works

Sculptique Cosmetic is the aesthetic medical specialty employing the technique of multiple micro injections of pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications, standardized natural plant extracts and vitamins into the mesoderm.  Developed in 1952 by Dr. Michel Pistor, Sculptique Cosmetic became recognized as a medical specialty by the French Academy of Medicine in 1987. Today, the International community numbers over 18,000 physicians practicing Sculptique Cosmetic throughout Europe and South America.  Whereas worldwide, the specialty addresses a spectrum of general internal medicine problems, in the United States aesthetic and cosmetic Sculptique Cosmetic has become popularized as a 21st-century specialty. The American Board of Sculptique Cosmetic and Cosmetic Medicine has become the recognized specialty Board for physician certification.

Our Sculptique Aesthetics™ Medical Center physicians medically select the Sculptique Cosmetic solution formula most specific to treat your condition or appearance concern.  Most Sculptique Aesthetics™ formulas have been developed through the Sculptique Cosmetic Institute of Technology, researched and referenced with the most current medical and pharmacological research.   This best-practices approach assures our clients of the most effective and consistent treatment results.  Micro-doses of medications is administered into targeted sites for treatment of the cosmetic spectrum of body sculpting, cellulite reduction and skin rejuvenation, targeted fat reduction and overall weight loss.

Doctor R. Stephen Jennings, M.D. is a Diplomate and Fellow of the American Board of Sculptique Cosmetic and Cosmetic Medicine and is the first Sculptique Cosmetic Specialist providing full-time expertise in southern California. Representing one of the most prominent Sculptique Cosmetic centers nationwide.  Sculptique Aesthetics™ Concierge Service has assisted patients throughout the United States in achieving successful treatment. Please contact us for your personalized consultation and treatment with Dr. Jennings and our dedicated staff.

Sculptique Cosmetic Cellulite treatment benefits include:


  • Restoring blood flow to the redundant circulation
  • Dissolving excess fat deposits (lipolysis)
  • Removing fibrotic, hardened connective tissue (cellulysis)
  • Improved lymphatic function
  • Smoothing of skin contour (refinement)


Female Sculptique Cosmetic model highlighting treatment effects of gluteus.

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Female model with tape measure around abdomen illustrating fat loss from Sculptique Costmetic treatment.

There are four stages of cellulite, each of which may require a different treatment:

  • Stage 0:No visible cellulite, even when skin pinched or compressed.
  • Stage 1:No visible cellulite when standing or lying down, however present when the skin is pinched or compressed.
  • Stage 2:Visible cellulite when standing, however not apparent lying down.
  • Stage 3:Visible cellulite whether standing or lying down.
  • Stage 4: Visible cellulite and scarring after liposuction.


Mesotherapy cellulite treatment is valued among women as one of the most important cosmetic procedures and treatments in daily living appearance.

Meso-Cellulite™ solutions are medically directed with the MesoJect System™ technique.  Effective Meso-Cellulite™ treatment, depending on the stage and severity, may often require 10-16 sessions.   Healthy lifestyle habits of diet and exercise support successful results.  Patients with stage 3 or stage 4 cellulite and overweight require longer-term treatment.

Sculptique Cosmetic Info

Dr. R. Stephen Jennings is nationally known for his expertise in Sculptique Cosmetic cellulite treatments and cosmetic medicine procedures and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Sculptique Cosmetic and Cosmetic Medicine. Serving Southern California clients, the Sculptique Aesthetics™ Medical Center is the premier Sculptique Cosmetic treatment center in Orange County.

Sculptique Cosmetic applications include:  Treating Cellulite, Lipo-Sculpting and Contouring, Weight Loss and Facial Skin Rejuvenation. Sculptique Aesthetics Cellulite-Treatment™ is the non-invasive, intelligent preferred choice for cellulite. It successfully targets adipose fat cell metabolism, stimulates collagen refinement, and supports the hydration of the mesoderm extracellular matrix (ECM). This smoothes uneven and asymmetrical areas of the thighs, hips, buttocks, banana rolls, saddlebags, and abdomen. Our clinical results have consistently helped patients with asymmetry and cellulite reduction after liposuction. During the course of treatments, our clients may readily appreciate the cellulite reduction and new refinement of their skin.  Clinically proven results have made our Sculptique Aesthetics Cellulite-Treatments™ one of the most popular and successful cellulite reduction and refinement procedures available today.

LipoSculpt™ treats body sculpting, weight loss and targeted fat reduction. It's a highly effective treatment for contouring, liposculpting, and achieving an optimal lean body mass. We successfully target and treat those difficult and stubborn places you may know all too well!

Our Sculptofacial BeautyProgram has provided our clients with our exclusive French Nappage skin tightening procedure and the most successful facial rejuvenation products, including Botox Cosmetic®and Restylane® dermal fillers. The Meso Facial Beauty program gives you a more youthful, aesthetically pleasing appearance that is maintained with quarterly treatments. The men's treatments produce an athletic vibrant appearance that carries all the way to the Board Room.

Anti-Aging Wellness Health Programs are proactive, preventive and wellness- based, and are a patient-centric approach to your future health. The Sculptique Aesthetics™ Center treatments encompass body, mind and soul spheres to help patients achieve their best appearance, improved energy levels, and leaner physiques. We provide additional health, diet, and lifestyle support information for the harmony and balance of your life.

LipoSculpt™ WeightLoss program focuses on successful long term weight loss, supported by a healthy lifestyle, including lean eating preferences and regular exercise. We recommend lifestyle community support and Pharmanex LifePak Nano supplementation.

Plastic Surgeons refer their patients with liposuction complications to us as a trusted referral source. Dr. Jennings has successfully performed over 6,000 Sculptique Cosmetic treatments.

The Sculptique Aesthetics™ consultation includes your medical history review and a focused examination, discussion of medications, both FDA-pre-approved and pharmacy-compounded, and an overview of the applied biochemistry and pharmacology principles. Patient-centric safety is most important. We perform Allergy skin testing prior to treatment. We explain the potential side effects and risks of treatment. Should you have any health concerns, we work with your personal physician to achieve medical clearance before treatment and keep them informed of your clinical progress.

Our doctor will discuss your assessment, diagnosis, and recommend the number of treatments needed. Healthy eating decisions and a regular exercise program are important lifestyle choices that significantly support and enhance your clinical results. Exercise, nutrition, thyroid metabolism, and vitamin supplements are discussed with each client during treatment. Our expertise is leveraged to achieve your optimal cosmetic results and weight loss goals successfully.  So whether you want to see if Sculptique Cosmetic, WarmSculpting, or any of our other services are right for you, set up a consultation today.