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The Spectrum of Sculptique Cosmetic

  • What is Sculptique Cosmetic®?
    Sculptique Cosmetic® is an aesthetic medical specialty, which involves injecting microscopic quantities of pharmaceutical agents, natural herbal extracts, homeopathic agents, and vitamins into the skin. The Physician selects a personalized formula to treat your condition or area of concern. Sculptique Cosmetic® can be effectively used to treat cellulite, body sculpting, weight loss, and rejuvenation of the skin. 
  • ​What are the benefits of Sculptique Cosmetic® over Liposuction?
    Liposuction cannot be used to treat cellulite and in fact, often ends up making the cellulite more prominent. Sculptique Cosmetic® treats cellulite directly, resulting in a smoother skin surface. Sculptique Cosmetic® is effective in targeted fat reduction or body sculpting, treating “love handles.” "muffin top," "saddlebags," "banana roll." "inner thigh bulge," and bra-line asymmetry. Liposuction removes fat cells; then subsequent weight gain is mal-distributed in the remaining adipose fat cells such as arms, neck, and axillas. Sculptique Cosmetic© micro-injectons induce lipolysis, remove fat from the cells, and subsequent weight loss is symmetrical. Liposuction requires three weeks of downtime and elastic garments, Sculptique Cosmetic® requires no downtime and loose, comfortable clothing. Liposuction has significant bruising and post-operative pain, Sculptique Cosmetic® minimal bruising treated with arnica topical cream. Liposuction is a surgical procedure requiring general anesthesia, surgery center admittance, and post-operative recovery. Sculptique Cosmetic® is considered a non-invasive procedure performed in the privacy of Sculptique Aesthetics.
  • How Does Sculptique Cosmetic® Work On Cellulite/Fat?
    Cellulite treatment includes treating several factors. The physician will create a personalized Sculptique Cellulite™ formula specific to your severity of cellulite.  Sculptique Cellulite™ dissolve the fat (induce lipolysis) in the cellulite, invigorates the impaired circulation with stimulated venous and lymphatic flow, and induces cell lysis of the damaged and scarred connective tissue. Sculptique Microcisions® are performed on dimples and areas scarred by liposuction.  The aesthetic result produces an appearance with smoothing and contouring of the skin surface.  There is a rejuvenation of tissue collagen. Sculptique Cellulite™ is the most effective Cellulite treatment available today.  Sculptique Cellulite™ treatment is a more permanent solution.
  • How Does Sculptique Cosmetic® Work On Skin Rejuvenation & Wrinkle Prevention?
    Sculptique Cosmetic® utilizes micro-injections to deliver subdermal antioxidants, vitamins, metabolic co-factors, amino acids, and pharmaceutical medications, under the skin, resulting in cellular metabolic stimulation of collagen, elastin, and ECM, the extra cellular matrix.  Sculptique Cosmetic® Microinjections  are skillfully and artfully placed in targeted tissue areas to induce this skin rejuvenation process.
  • Patients have traveled to Paris, France from all parts of the world to have French Nappage Facial Rejuvenation Treatments.  Dr. Jennings brings this innovative anti-aging treatment to Sculptique Aesthetics after training in Paris with experts.  Facial wrinkle treatments may start in your twenties, with thoughtful skin care, using nutrients that minimize sun UV damage, and support healthy collagen and smooth appearances.  Sculptique Aesthetics offers the most popular dermal fillers and neurotoxin modulators available.  We distinguish our Botox Cosmetic® and Dysport® treatments with French Nappage. Sculptique Cosmetic® Treatments of the face, neck, decollete, and hands are recommended quarterly for optimal appearance maintenance. Dr. Jennings' Team will recommend topical skin products for daily care between Sculptique Cosmetic® treatments. We personalize Dermal fillers Restylene®, Juvaderm® Volumna®, and Revanesse® for your personal preference of facial contouring, volume restoration, glabella and nasolabial folds, neck, and luscious lips. 
  • How Does Sculptique Cosmetic® Work On Weight Loss & Spot Reduction?
    Sculptique Cosmetic® may target specific areas or spots where your body stores excessive fat. Sculptique Cosmetic® disperses customized formulas as medically directed micro-injections to a specific area, blocks the cells from storing new fat and helps break down the existing stored fat cells, and metabolizes the fat (lipolysis). Your body then metabolizes the dissolved fat products of fatty acids, glycerol and water via invigorated venous and lymphatic circulation. Sculptique Cosmetic® spot reduction can be used for double chins, love handles, saddlebags, inner thighs, inner knees, and any other area where your body stores fat.  Our patients frequently have these trouble areas after liposuction procedures.
  • How many treatments will I need?
    It will vary based on your personal treatment goals, medical recommendations, and areas of the body and the extent of the cellulite/fat/skin/weight to be treated. The usual number of treatment visits ranges from approximately six to ten. Long-term weight loss is a team project at Sculptique Aesthetics.  We partner with our affiliate, THINNER AT LAST® to achieve a telehealth-based, medically supervised medication and nutritional supplement program COMBINED WITH Sculptique LipoSculpt® Weight Loss targeted injections.  We view weight loss from being overweight and those with higher body mass indices (BMI > 30) as a long-term commitment toward making healthy lifestyle choices in food management, exercise, and setting boundaries for renewed health as a priority.  We are all in this together after the Covid-19 Pandemic disrupted most everyone's balance of nature in life. from Overweight clients (BMI between 26 - 29.9), exogenous obesity clients (higher BMI > 30) may require weekly treatment for several months.  The Good News is this is a Body, Mind, Soul transformative process with individual commitment and we provide the teamwork and high touch support of THINNER AT LAST® with Sculptique LipoSculpt® Weight Loss microinjections, all personalized to your specific goals.
  • How fast will I see results?
    Your results will vary in length of time, according to your body type, treatment goals, and severity of the aesthetic problem. Most often, clients report seeing results within two or three sessions. For Facial Beauty clients, you may appreciate the immediate results of neurotoxin injections and dermal fillers for immediate contouring and rejuvenation.  All Clients with regular exercise programs and responsible food management habits seem to achieve optimal results sooner.  The Thinner At Last® weight loss affiliate program may continue, under Telehealth medical management long-term until your results are achieved.
  • Will the results last?
    Yes, the results will last. Sculptique Cellulite® is a permanent solution to cellulite. Sculptique Cosmetic® targeted body contouring and lipo-sculpting with spot fat reduction, are effective treatments. However, keep in mind that maintaining your weight loss and optimal aesthetic sculpting results requires consistent exercise (with cardio and light resistance training) and understanding food-management discipline (emphasis on lean protein and low glycemic carbohydrates). You may elect to have touch-up treatments from time-to-time.
  • Although elegant aging is a dynamic process, you can benefit from Sculptique Cosmetic®treatments as an important foundation for your personal anti-aging and preventive medicine strategy.
  • Are the treatments painful?
    Sculptique Cosmetic® microinjection use 6 mm micro-needling techniques, each skillfully placed in the targeted treatment area. As superficial injections into the mesodermal skin layer, the sensitivity varies from client to client.  We offer and use a topical triple anesthetic gel on clinical target areas to assure a more comfortable patient treatment experience. Intravenous conscious sedation, including pulse oximetry, is also available at Sculptique Aesthetics™ Medical Center. Those Clients who have treatment au natural sans gel may slightly feel the 6 mm micro-injections with the "le pinch an inch" technique. We strive to assure your Sculptique Cosmetic® experience will be comfortable, considerate, and effective.
  • Are there any side effects?
    The most frequent side effect is bruising around the micro-injection skin sites. These are variable. You may experience some bruising, which resolves over approximately one week.  Sculptique Aesthetics™ recommends using arnica topical creams, oral and sublingual tablets to minimize any bruising. Topical ointments such as hydrocortisone and Traumeel are further used to decrease bruising events.
  • Who Can Have Sculptique Cosmetic®
    Generally, most healthy adults between 18 to 80 may have Sculptique Cosmetic® for body sculpting and weight loss, cellulite treatment, and Sculptique Cosmetic® skin rejuvenation. We accept all clients over 18 for Facial Beauty procedures. 
  • Exclusion criteria are in place and preclude those patients confronted with moderately severe heart disease, poorly controlled insulin-dependent diabetes, on blood thinners or arrhythmia medications, immune-compromised and/ or organ transplant recipients, and pregnancy. Cancer patients in remission must be carefully evaluated in conjunction with their personal oncologist's recommendations. With occasional exception, most likely this group is excluded from treatment. You may be asked for a medical clearance letter from your personal physician for more complex problems. Hypertension must be controlled on medication. Thoughtful consideration is given to every patient request for Sculptique Aesthetics™ treatments.