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WarmSculpting Science

WarmSculpting science that you'll learn below explains how the targeted laser affects the fat cells.  Then you'll learn how the high temperature produced by the laser damages the structural integrity of the cell walls of the fat cells.  With the fat cell walls permanently damaged, the fat cells die.

Then, over time, usually about 3 months, the body does its job, processes the dead fat cells, and eliminates them from the body by the lymphatic system.  Besides the fact that the fat cells are removed, they're removed permanently.  Your body's fat cells are a fixed number and once they are eliminated, there are fewer places for fat to hide.  And since fat cells don't regenerate, you'll forever have a trimmer profile in the targeted area than before.

SculpSure's 1060nm wavelength's specific affinity for adipose tissue, coupled with minimal absorption from the dermis, enables SculpSure to efficiently treat areas of troublesome fat in only 25 minutes for each treatment. As time passes, the body naturally eliminates the disrupted fat cells using outcomes seen as quickly as 6 weeks, and the best results usually found in as few as 12.

    • Minimum absorption in the dermis leaves the skin's surface unharmed
    • Advanced Touch Cooling™ enhances patient comfort
    • Feathering of warmth spread offers natural-looking results
    • Moderate and transient side effects

Best Results, Best Success

    • 25-minute, fast treatment per area
    • Adaptive applicators to accommodate a variety of body shapes and sizes
    • Committed SculpSure support team to ensure medical success

Learn why researchers, doctors, and patients love WarmSculpting by SculpSure, why it's a better solution to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat than Coolsculpting, and why it might be right for you.  Check out the WarmSculpting page for more info on fat melting and you can also see how the Sculptique Aesthetics offering of WarmSculpting is better than CoolSculpting.

Photos along with an explanation of how SculpSure works.
Photo of three women models for WarmSculpting where the science of WarmSculpting is explained.